Soft Drinks & Snacks

Call two business days before your regular delivery, and we can include any of the following items

Coffee Creamers & Sugar

Product NameQuantityPrice
Green Mountain Coffee Kcups* 24ct $13.25
Cocoa Kcups* 24ct $14.75
New England Coffee (Filters included)* 42ct $45.00
New England Coffee Decaf (Filters included)* 42ct $50.00
Hot Cups 50ct $5.00
Hot Cup Lids 100ct $5.25
Stirrers 1,000ct $4.25
Sugar Canister 16oz $2.25
Non-Dairy Creamer 16oz $2.75
Land O Lakes Half N Half Liquid Creamers 192ct $12.25
Swiss Miss Hot Cocoa 60/1oz $12.25
Sugar Packets 50ct $2.75
Splenda Packets 200ct $14.25
Equal Packets 250ct $10.25
Sweet N Low Packets 100ct $4.25
*We also provide the coffee brewers both Keurig and the traditional glass pot systems.


Product NameQuantityPrice
Coca-Cola Classic Bottles 24/16.9oz $15.75
Diet Coca-Cola Classic Bottles 24/16.9oz $15.75
Coca-Cola Classic Cans 30/12oz $11.75
Diet Coca-Cola Classic Cans 30/12oz $11.75
Pepsi Bottles 24/12oz $13.75
Diet Pepsi Bottles 24/12oz $13.75
Pepsi Cans 36/12oz $13.50
Diet Pepsi Cans 36/12oz $13.50
Canada Dry Ginger Ale Cans 30/12oz $13.50
Gatorade Orange or Lemon Lime 24/20oz $19.25
Red Bull Energy Drink 24/8.3oz $39.99
5 Hour Energy 12ct $24.99
Arizona Green Tea Bottles 24/16oz $14.50
Starbucks Frappuccino Mocha Coffee 12/9.5oz $20.99


Product NameQuantityPrice
Nature Valley Oats N Honey Bars 30ct $12.25
Frito Lay Variety Pack 30/1oz $16.25
Lays Classic Potato Chips 50/1oz $15.99
Smart Food 50/1oz $16.99
Famous Amos Chocolate Chip Cookies 36/2oz $13.75
Nabisco Oreo Cookies 30/2oz $12.99

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