Renting vs Owning your Water Cooler

This has been a great debate for the last 25 years in the bottled water industry. Should you buy your cooler or rent it?

Today we're seeing a lot of our customers purchase a cooler at the local retailer. That's fine with us, but here's the problem?.

When you come across a water cooler in your nearest home improvement center for instance, you're looking at a cheap purchase. You're thinking, hmm I can buy this cooler for $99.00 and return my rented cooler and have it paid off in say 14 months! That makes financial sense in a perfect world. Unfortunately, what happens next isn't so perfect. A cooler that you purchase from a retailer is undoubtedly manufactured in an eastern country such as China, even if the brand is Sunbeam or GE. The reason the cooler costs so little is the quality of its manufacturing and materials is low. That means that at some point, usually before the 14 month pay off date, there will be a failure somewhere in the cooler. We see it every day. Now what? Those coolers are considered to be dispensable coolers. There are no repair shops that service them and even we can't get parts for them, we've tried. Time to buy another one and another 14 month payoff.

By renting from Monadnock Mountain Spring Water, you will receive a very high quality appliance that is backed by the manufacturer and Monadnock! We will clean the cooler at your request and maintain it like it is brand new all the time! The quality is far, far superior to a retail unit and it will run effortlessly and quietly for years with out the hassle of a problem, simply call and we'll replace the unit with another high quality unit, and that, of course is at no charge or hassle to you. In fact, there doesn't even need to be a problem. If you decide that you don't want hot any more, or you want to add hot, for example, we'll come any time you want and replace he cooler at no charge. This is all for $7.00 per month rental and no hidden fees!

The Advantages of Renting
  • No large cash outlay up front
  • Worry free - If anything goes wrong we fix it or replace it free.
  • 24 hour service! If something goes wrong we're there the next day
  • Safety (child resistant) spigots available FREE for each spigot
  • Variety of coolers available. You can change your mind anytime! You can change dispenser types for example ? switch from floor model to a countertop, cold to hot/cold, etc.
  • Rental Dispensers are commercial grade quality, all have stainless steel reservoirs and all food grade water contact surfaces.

The decision is yours, we're happy to deliver water to your cooler whether you own it or rent it from us. We just thought you'd like to know the facts!

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